Free Broadband for Qualifying Families
Free Broadband Internet for Qualifying Families
Posted on 10/19/2020

Free Broadband Internet for Qualifying Families

OSPI has dedicated CARES Act funding to provide free broadband service for the school year to Free/Reduced Lunch** families.

  • Broadband through Comcast is faster and more stable than our hotspots.
  • Any Free/Reduced Lunch family qualifies, even if they have an outstanding bill with Comcast.
  • We have a limited supply, so please call the school office at 253-841-8747 to let us know if you have a need.

If you have already checked out a Hotspot and you are still having difficulty with your connection, we can swap it out with Broadband as well.

**To apply for Free or Reduced Lunch follow this link: